This is truly a unique and exciting time for me. It’s challenging and eye-opening at the same time. As you know, I have been on the search for a new place to live. I am positive God is teaching me many lessons during this time, and I am thankful for those lessons. Those lessons help me grow, get even closer to God, and help me help others through their trials.
I am still waiting to hear back about the rental I love, the one with the dad on the porch. I love that place, but time is ticking, so I have to keep moving until I hear something for sure; still hoping on it; pray for me.
On my house hunting journey this week, I came across a rental that kept drawing me back, I couldn’t find any place to apply to the rental, so I looked up the address and the owner, making sure it wasn’t a scam.
When I looked up the address, the owner’s name was there, and beneath his name, it said he was a spiritual counselor. I was like, whoa, no way, that’s odd.
So, I had to call the number listed, of course. I left a message for him saying, “I was looking at his rental, and I thought it was cool he was a spiritual counselor too.” Now here comes the part where God had a message for me this time.
The owner called me back today and said, “I don’t have that rental anymore; I’ve been living in Virginia for a few years now. He said, “Keep doing the good work that you do, keep going.” Then he said what God wanted me to hear: I truly didn’t tell him a thing about my situation. He said, ” Genesis 22, God asked Abraham to take his son to the mountain,” I said ok thank you for sharing that; he said I’ll send you copies of my books and keep doing good work.”
I then went right to Genesis 22 in the bible, and the message God gave me was loud and clear. Genesis 22 is about God testing Abraham by asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son. This story can be applied to our trials by understanding that there come many temptations from the devil during trials, temptation to sin, and temptation to sway you away from God’s ultimate plan for you.
During trials, our faith in God is tested, As was Abrahams. Abraham had to trust that what God was telling him was correct and that God would make a way, a reason for his pain.
Let me explain from a personal perspective…
Months ago, I was instructed that I would have to leave where I am living and move quickly. I was told I had to go and not turn back. I had no idea what that meant until this all happened.
The temptation came when 3-4 people tried to push me to stay here by offering me various ways to keep this place I am in currently. They came one after the other, random “easy” outs. However, that is not what God told me to do. I had to resist the temptation and trust that God would make way for me.
More temptation came when I felt defeated, alone, had no help in the situation, and felt abandoned. God is forcing me to rely on him.
God is teaching me that no matter what, he will provide. Even when everyone says there’s no way, God is already making a way. God teaches us patience, endurance, and to act Godly in even the most challenging of situations.
So, when you’re feeling scared, like there’s no way, and lots of temptations come your way, remember to listen to God, remember to grow closer to God, and remember that God always makes a way. God is in all things, in all of our encounters, our trials, our tribulations, blessings, and even pain. Find God in your challenging times, and it will set you free.
Read this over and over, see how you can apply it to your own life. Think about all the times God is setting you up for a blessing that you keep missing. Ya gotta let go so that you can grow.
Do you see why God wanted me to see that rental? I hope you get it.
Happy trails to you, Godspeed on your journey……