If you recall, the other day, I wrote about how everything and anything is trying to hold me back and keep me where I am currently living. While I was upset at first, I knew it was time to move on. I love to share these things with you so you learn how the spiritual works and have something to help you on your journey.
As you know from my prior posts, my landlord unexpectedly put my house on the market, giving me a short time to get out. A few months ago, God warned me that I would need to leave here quick and not turn back. Makes sense now.
So… the showings of my house started over the weekend. The first two men that came gave me a weird vibe, and I felt like something was really off with them. I had a feeling they were investors of some type, but it didn’t feel good to me. I let them in the house and went about my merry way.
If you remember, I wrote a post on Saturday about how everything is trying to hold me back from leaving here. Less than 24 hours after I wrote that post, the property was purchased on Sunday by the investors who came Saturday and gave me a weird vibe.
Here’s the plot twist….
They offered me to stay here, basically trapping me. I knew something was off when I looked at the business card, and it had the devil’s number on it plain as day. To protect the privacy of the investor, I won’t elaborate further.
Trust me, without giving you the details; it’s a shady situation, a really shady deal. Sometimes things look like sparkly diamonds, but they are really fake rocks. God told me to go and not turn back, but the devil wants me to stay. Most would take the easy out, which would be the trap.
Interesting….how after I wrote that post, that sale happened. So, now I have until closing on this house to be set free. It’s a cash offer, so that’s about two weeks. Two weeks to escape…. I need a miracle. God will provide.
This is all a blessing for sure, in so many ways. It’s triggering things in me that I had no idea I needed to be healed. It’s good, though; things like this need to happen to get to the deeper parts of our soul, to cleanse our soul.
Something to remember…On the other side of a crisis is always a relief, inspiration, and sometimes even euphoria. I’m waiting on it; I’m praying on it. In God I trust.
Much love,