The longest partial lunar eclipse in 600 years is this coming Thursday. This blood moon partial lunar eclipse will be November 18-19. It will be visible in western Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

Spiritually, from my observations, both lunar eclipses and full moon increase negative energy in the spiritual, which increases negative energy in our physical world. What does that mean? It means three days before and after the eclipse, you’ll feel more agitated, angrier, and you’re likely to be a lot more emotional. By being more aware, you can change your emotional reactions. 

For the world, it could mean an increase in natural disasters, terrorism-related events, and even an increase in drug-related deaths and suicide. In the last six months, the likely hood of these things has been increased. With this lunar eclipse, I would say there’s even more of a threat. If you took my signs class, you know what the date 11/19 signifies. Look at that date and reverse it.  

Something that caught my attention some time ago was the Mayan Prophecy about the end of the world. I’m not big on the Mayans and their beliefs, but there’s good and evil, just like anything. The Mayan Prophecy stated that in the year 2012, the world was to end. Interestingly, spiritually that was correct. Now fast forward and reverse the year; what do you get 2021. Yet, we have another ending of times, the way things were no longer exists.  

The year 2012 started the transition, the beginning of the end. The year 2011-2012 was the last solar cycle as well. Now it’s 2021, and we are in another new solar cycle, and the sun is also changing. Do you get my drift, lots of endings now, lots of changes, lots of letting go. Now we are transitioning into a new stage, transition to the new world. However, society is stuck. 

People are so focused on getting back to their old ways, the old world, the old them, that they are losing themselves in looking for what no longer exists. That world is gone, but people are still holding onto it. They can’t get back to it, so they are really angry and lost.  

What you have to realize is the old you wasn’t serving you. The second you let go of what was and rise up to who you’re supposed to be, you’ll start to evolve even if you don’t know who or what that is. Stop fighting how you’re feeling and just allow it, feel it, heal it. Otherwise, you’ll fall deeper and deeper, with no way out. STOP RESISTING AND JUST ALLOW. 

The old you has to rise up, change, evolve, grow, and heal. To get unstuck, you have to face yourself, find God, and step into the new world. Time is running out. The world isn’t ending, but it sure won’t stay the same much longer. Something has to give……It’s all going to collapse. It has to, so it can start over. 

Limit alcohol consumption during this time; you’ll be more vulnerable and prone to accidents. Increase prayer, practice self-care, let go, forgive, allow, and stop resisting.  

Be blessed, be love, Jesus loves you.