Recently, I have had many clients talking to me about and trying to understand better what happens after we leave this life. Some are scared and fear the end; others find peace in knowing that God is right there with them, and some don’t believe there’s an afterlife.

The other day I responded to a message from an old client at the exact time her brother was in the hospital dying. She messaged me earlier in the day, but I hadn’t had a chance to get back to her until later in the afternoon (Her original message was nothing about her brother or the fact that he was in the hospital). She responded right back to me and said, “I’m at the hospital; my brother is dying.”

Then it happened, out of nowhere, a light flashed before me, and I saw her brother had already passed. He left the physical and crossed to the spiritual with his father. It was truly beautiful. Our soul leaves the physical world before we have a physical death, deep, I know, but it’s true. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from telling her what I was experiencing and what her brother was telling me.

As I gave her the messages from her brother, she and her family found comfort knowing he had passed on to a better place. He even joked around with her a little bit, saying things like, “Life won’t be the same without me!” He kept showing me his foot and shoes, and I learned that he didn’t have his leg in this life, but he wanted them to know he got it back now. He kept telling me “Billy,Billy,” and I learned Bill was their dad, who met him on the other side.

Then he said something even more profound; he said, “I’m off to the sunset” What makes that profound? His sister said to him, “we will meet you at the beach.” He wanted to let them know he was off to the sunset and was going to meet them at the beach, even though he wasn’t here. Pretty impressive, heh?

I told her to have the family pray psalm 91 aloud and say a small prayer for his soul. They did, and they found comfort in the prayers and knowing their brother was at peace and will always be with them in spirit. God is good; his miracles are beyond measure.

I shared this story because I want you to understand that just because our physical body leaves this earth and God carries our soul home, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. You see, in all reality, this is just our temporary home.

When someone passes, they don’t take with them the material things they have, the money, their problems, none of that matters. They don’t care about who is arguing with who in the family. They are thankful for their time here and the lessons they learned. They see the bigger picture and know all the rest is trivial.

It’s essential to understand that while you are here, the job you have, the material things, the people surrounding us, the problems, the obstacles in life are all part of our lessons. Even the family that we incarnate with is the family we picked to learn lessons along with us. Once your lessons are up, so is your time, but only in this temporary home. Make the best of it, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Leaving this temporary home isn’t anything to fear… It’s beautiful beyond measure…. You don’t realize that endings are really beginnings, and this is just our temporary home. Get close to God, and you too will see the beauty of endings, or should I say beginnings.

While you’re here, do your best to fight the good fight, take things with a grain of salt, and love beyond measure. We will all meet again; we always do, right after we leave this life and God carries us home.

I hope you find peace in this message and know your loved ones are with you; even when you watch the sunset, they are waving to you. Jesus carries you, God never left you, and the angels are watching over you.

Be so blessed, much love,