Traditionally, many see Thanksgiving as a day with family, stuffing your face beyond belief and kicking back watching some football. Many get so caught up in all the gobble hype that they forget about being thankful.

My family has never been big on Thanksgiving, and my parents always travel over the holiday. So, when I got divorced six years ago, I found myself spending Thanksgiving alone. Most people would probably find that horrifying, and it was for me at first, too.

Being alone on Thanksgiving over the last six years taught me to be even more thankful. I know God gave me being alone on the holiday as a lesson. I’m grateful for that lesson, and I now enjoy spending the day alone, being thankful, creating my very own traditions.

People often don’t realize how lucky they are to have family and friends to surround them on the holiday; they don’t realize how lucky they are to have a huge meal to sit down and eat or how lucky they are to be making those memories.

You see, people get so caught up in the gobble hype that they forget how to be thankful. So while you’re making memories with family and friends this holiday, take a minute to look around at all that you have and be grateful.

If you’re alone, working, lost a loved one, no matter what your situation, take a moment this Thanksgiving to be thankful that God gave you a day to show you; there’s so much to be thankful for without all the gobble hype.

Create your own traditions, memories, and new beginnings; you’re blessed just to have another day on earth.

So, if your turkey turns to jerky, your potatoes turn to gravy, and the pie crust gets too crispy, laugh at it all, and be thankful for the memories.

There’s so much to be thankful for beyond all the gobble hype.

Gobble gobble, much love