Interesting night of sleep I had last night. I kept waking up, and I had some really strange dreams that I can’t help but share.

Most would say, oh, those dreams result from your subconscious mind blah blah, but no, these dreams have a different feeling. If you take my dreams workshop coming up, you’ll understand and learn what I mean. I’ve had prophetic dreams ever since I was a child.

I think many people during this time have prophetic dreams, but they don’t believe in themselves or what they are seeing. Sometimes they are scared that people will think they are crazy if they share them. So I’ll be brave for you! If God is showing you something, there’s a reason for it.

I hate to be the messenger of not great things, but I feel such a push to share certain things; it’s overwhelming. So here’s the dream..

In my dream, there was an eclipse happening durning the day. Nobody knew the eclipse was supposed to happen. It got really dark, the sky turned a bizarre color of orange, the wind got still, and things got very silent.. it was an eerie silence. Then, the sun turned black and got really blurry. Something wasn’t right, and I knew it.

As I saw this in my dream, a client called me and said to me “Jen, it’s happening,” and I heard a bunch of kids in the background shouting that they needed to see.

Right after that, I was shown a map of the USA. The map was different, though. A massive amount of flooding had occurred, and many states weren’t there anymore. Many of the coastal states were gone completely, and I specifically remember Texas only having the lower part left.

I felt in my dream that this random eclipse triggered something to happen. I’m not saying things will happen to that extent, but it may be an indication of something. If you look back at my blog, you’ll see that all of the dreams I’ve had, have come to pass.

Don’t be in fear; trust God and be aware. Make this your mantra daily “I trust God, and I am aware.”
Always trust your dreams and visions, no matter what.
Enjoy your day, love a little more today, wake up, pee, pray!

Much love,