I recalled something that came to me halfway between a dream state and a waking state this am.

I heard something very interesting….. “ many people are quitting their jobs and don’t want to work because they are waking up. Their souls won’t any longer tolerate relationships, jobs, or anything that doesn’t match a higher path. These souls know what to do, when the time is right, if they resist, it is done for them.”

People are waking up.. quicker than ever. This is a good sign. It seems all of the crazy is part of the enlightenment too. It’s leading you to a new, better version of yourself. It’s leading you to your destiny; it’s bringing you back to God.

It’s all part of the greater plan…

Something to ponder.

Ps. A hawk flew into my window this am… that’s 2 birds in less than a week. He bounced right off and was fine, phew.

Much love,