It’s so easy to think about all the negative and get stuck in those low vibes; alternately, it’s easy to look at the positive and be grateful and raise your vibe. We are all blessed; we all have many things to be grateful for in life

I was at WAWA getting gas today, and like all of us, I was dreading it. I told myself I’m not going past $60 because I’ll cry when the pump hits 120 for a full tank.

I got to talking to the man beside me who looked really sad about filling up his HUGE truck. I always try to make people laugh when I see they are sad; I try to bring them up a notch without them even knowing.

So, I started joking around with the man about the prices, and I learned it costs him $200 to fill his tank. I then realized I didn’t have something to complain about because he had it much worse. Someone always has it worse.

Then I went into WAWA for some more blessed encounters.. I was waiting in line, and I started getting terrible anxiety. I tried to wait it out, but then the person in front of me had something wrong with their order. So, I moved on to the next register. I’m still learning patience.

I know God moved me for a reason, though. The cashier was very kind and helpful, an older lady. She was struggling to scan the gift cards I got. We got it all worked out, and she said “my name is Madeline, by the way”.

I said Madeline, thank you, and God loves you. She said, “I know he does, but I really miss my mom.” I said “well, she’s standing right next to you, and she loves you so much too. She never left you.” Madeline then burst into tears mid-transaction. I told her other things and ended with, “don’t forget, God loves you.”

I then headed out to my car, opened the car door, and the lid flew off my iced coffee and dumped it all over my lap.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to do your works, thank you, God, for making a way, and most importantly, thank you, God, for changing those people’s day.

I’m grateful for another day; you should be too. God loves you. We are all God’s sheep, some are lost, but God is bringing them back too. Amazing Grace, amazing God

Much love