God is definitely on the move. God amazes me more and more daily.

I felt so blah today all day, and I didn’t really want to do anything. Around 5 pm, I kept hearing in my head, go mow the lawn, over and over. So, around 7:00 pm, I forced myself to mow the lawn.

I live on a relatively well-traveled road, so as I was mowing along, people were driving to and fro. I was happily mowing along, and a pickup truck stopped in the middle of the road, and the man and his son waved me over.

The man asked if he and his son could fish On the property since a creek runs through the area; I said of course. I felt ok about it; I didn’t really hesitate; they were kind and considerate. Then I went back to mowing again.

The man stopped me again… he asked me about my lawn mower and said he just got the same one, then he told me he was a marine, and I thanked him for his service. Next, it gets more interesting…

Then he said to me… “my wife just told me she’s leaving me and filing for divorce this week” I said, “ Well, that’s the best thing that has ever happened to you; now you can be who you’re supposed to be.” He said, “ I’m really sad about it.” His son is standing there this whole time; I felt really bad.

Then I said, “ you need to ask God for help; God will help you.” He said, I believe in angels; I once saw one.” He explained, “when I was in the military, my unit was hit, the shrapnel came down all over, and I lost consciousness. When I lost consciousness, I saw a beautiful warm light and saw all the people that ever cared about me, I felt so much love.”

I said back,” that was God calling you to do his works, that was his angel protecting you; you have a purpose here with God.” He replied, “yes, I know.” Then his son pulled him away to go fishing…I said, “Don’t forget to ask God for help!!”

Then I found a white feather in my yard, the one in the picture.

THE POWER OF PLANTING A SEED. The power of the word of God, the power of the works of God. God is calling his sheep back quicker than ever.

Thank you, God, for pushing me to mow the lawn. Thank you, God, for letting me spread your word, and thank you, God, for your amazing works.

God wants to use you, too… you just have to open your ears to listen.  God has a plan for you  ❤️

Much love,