Be aware of the things you are reacting to and the things that are happening to you during this time. The shadow is being tickled out of hiding via life experiences.

You can run, but you can’t hide from your own shadow. It will always follow you. It’s the global shadow shake-up.

Money can’t buy you out of this one. Working on yourself, being aware, and accepting, not projecting, is critical. Ask God for help; you’ll need God.

I’ve noticed people are constantly on the go again, taking multiple vacations and spending money like crazy. It’s all the fear in them. Running from being with themselves makes them not have to face their own pain.

Look around. You’ll see what I mean. Maybe you’re doing the same thing. Stop running from yourself. Start fixing you! It’s ok to feel.

Be aware of ALL things happening to you and around you, and ask yourself, what is this telling me, what do I need to heal?

Be patient with yourself. It’s happening to ALL of us. It’s part of the rebuilding of the new world and the new you.

How will you ever see and enter the new world if you’re still stuck in the ego of the old world problems?

Ponder this a bit, stay home for a minute!! Enjoy the life you built, don’t keep seeking what you already have within you, don’t keep yourself in the dark because you’re afraid to face your shadow.

Much love,