Recently I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to teach; I’m really thankful for those opportunities, but with opportunity, comes opposition, sometimes.

I share my trials with you because through my trials I can help you work through yours and see them from a different perspective.

These opportunities I’ve been blessed with have been great. I love teaching people about mindfulness and meditation. I love helping people wake up and see that there’s so much more to life than they realize.

Awakening is cool. Except when the group of people you’re teaching don’t want to be there or be awake. Then, it becomes challenging and triggering. All part of my lessons!

This was a group that I couldn’t share my gift with; I couldn’t tell the girl in the front that her grandmother was standing next to her, and I couldn’t tell the man in the back that his blood pressure was so high he might have a heart attack or stroke, I couldn’t share with people what they needed to hear most.

I did try to sneak a little something in, and the owner told me we were there to learn about mindfulness, not healing. Yep…..

I’m used to the opposition, but not this type of opposition. I’m used to having people be open and excited; I’m used to people laughing at my humor; I’m used to people accepting me for who I am; I’m used to being and feeling heard.

Throughout my healing journey, I’ve learned to have a really good inner dialogue in all adverse situations, i ask myself, what is this teaching me?

When I encountered people that didn’t accept me, who didn’t care what I was saying and kept a straight face anytime I made a funny, whoa, it was a challenge to keep going. It even re-triggered old wounds I had healed long ago. It reminded me of being a sensitive, lonely little girl again that nobody listened to.

In this situation, I would typically run for the hills and not return. However, this time, God is saying no, you have to stay and finish the job. God is making me sit with my triggers and trust him. God is teaching me a lesson.

Since I knew there was no escape, I thought about what Jesus went through in his life. How he was rejected, how his family didn’t understand him and made him feel rejected as the Messiah (John 7:5), and how so many others made him feel rejected, and refused to follow his teachings.

Jesus still continued to do the job that God sent him here to do, even though he was rejected. He didn’t let the people who rejected him stop his ministry. Jesus pushed forward and touched the hearts of those who believed in him. Jesus gave his rejection to God.

All that being said, when we face rejections or uncomfortable situations, it’s God wanting us to grow in him; it’s God teaching us NOT to rely on the earthly realm to find and seek approval.

It’s also God positioning us for something profound.

To be continued…..

Much love on the wings of a dove