This morning I got to thinking about relationships and how so many people stay stuck and blind in toxic relationships out of fear. This is true for all types of relationships. We fear loss, we fear change, and we fear letting go, but is it worth your soul?

As the world is changing and spiritually evolving, so are people’s relationships. People are outgrowing toxic marriages, friendships, family connections, etc.
However, so many more people are staying stuck.

People stay stuck out of fear, stuck for the children, stuck for what people will think of them, and stuck because of religious beliefs. Staying stuck doesn’t serve God.

People fear being alone though ; it makes them feel like a failure. Most people need someone to make them feel secure in themselves. If that’s you, then you need the time alone to learn to become more secure.

If you’re feeling restricted in a relationship, controlled, or the relationship causes you a significant amount of emotional distress, then the relationship is also making way for your spiritual death.

Unhealthy relationships leave us feeling drained and fragile; they can inhibit our spiritual growth and our mission here with God.

Anything toxic wears on your soul, pulling you further away from God. If the other person or people in the relationship can’t rise up, it’s time to let go. Not everyone wants to grow or evolve spiritually. You can’t force someone to be spiritual, so your relationship stays together. Spirituality is in the heart and soul, not the mind.

It’s important to know that relationships can be together for growth, but not necessarily for life. If you can stay in a TRULY loving and committed relationship for life without restrictions, that’s beautiful. Still, it has to be both parties evolving together, not apart like two ships passing in the night.

While I understand the Bible mentions that God does not like divorce, the Bible also says that God, even more, dislikes an individual’s spiritual death. I don’t believe any relationship is more important than your journey and path toward God.

It’s time to wake up; it’s time to get unstuck; It’s time to evaluate your “ship” before it sinks and you go down with it. Be aware of the toxicity tarnishing your soul and preventing your growth.

God loves you.

Much love,