People are very blinded. Just like in the days of Noah…..consumed with outside things, careless about what is going on. Pray for our world🙏

These are powerful solar storms. The power lines around me caught on fire again, just like they did during the last big solar storm we had. It’s interesting below says power grids aren’t in danger, but the powerlines are catching fire. Weird.

It’s all real; the change in the sun is impacting everything. This solar cycle is the one that will change the earth and change humanity. It’s not global warming, it’s God’s warning.

Mental health issues will continue to be heightened; people will continue to act out of character and do strange things. Stay aware of your surroundings, increase prayer.

Repent, love God, love others, and believe BIG changes are coming.

You can’t hide from or ignore what’s to come. You can be aware.

God loves you, believe🙏✨