The spiritual world is so fascinating; the way God arranges things, the way God gets important messages to people, truly is astonishing. It’s so beautiful, all of it. Takes my breath away every time. Chills!

I have to share this first part so that you get the lesson and the importance of my message. This will be a 2 part blog because it’s a long one with many important messages.

For the last FEW weeks, I’ve been facing a more than usual amount of spiritual warfare. For those who don’t know what that is, the short meaning is “adverse spiritual forces working against you to cause many problems for you in the physical world.”

The truth is, there ARE actual dark forces that will work against you and try and stop you from doing God’s work.

So when my son got sick with fevers, colds, and sore throats three times in the last two weeks, my thoughts got funny, my money was looking funny, all the maintenance lights in my car going off sounded like the trans-Siberian orchestra, I got pink eye twice, my computer and iPad broke, the dog got sick, the list goes on… I’M STILL STANDING

So, when all that was happening over four weeks, I knew the tricky dickies (devil) were trying to bring me down, and I knew God was about to bring some blessings. So, I prayed triple than usual and told the devil to get out of my way…!

Why did I face all that… here’s the beauty part one

An older man came to my door today; no idea who he was, but he wouldn’t stop knocking until I answered.

I answered the door, and he asked about the old lady and the man that used to live here in my rental home. He told me he was wondering how the dog was that he gave them 13 years and two months ago. I thought this was very odd, but really if you knew the odd things that happened to me, you would find it normal.

The encounter felt spiritual to me in some way, but I was trying to understand why he was asking about a dog from 13 years ago.

He told me the dog’s story and how it was a hound dog puppy from Maine, and he wanted to see how it was doing.

I really had no idea, but I told him the old lady had passed away, and the young man had moved to Northampton.

He was a kind older man that seemed very concerned about knowing what was going on with this pup that he hadn’t seen in 13 years.
I chatted with him for a few minutes and felt inclined to tell him, “we have to cherish every second we are here because we don’t know when it’s our last” he agreed and said, “boy, that’s the truth.” He then left, and I went on with my day.

Later on, I texted my landlord about something and told her about the encounter with the man. Her brother is the young man that used to live here, and her grandmother is an older woman.

She immediately called me; she said, “oh my goodness, my brother just had to put that dog down the day before Thanksgiving!” “My brother loved that dog!!”

My mind was blown….the connection between animals and humans is real.. many things happened here.

That dog really wanted her brother to know he made it across the rainbow bridge and he was doing just fine. Beautiful….

God is good, our loved ones, and our furry friends never truly leave us. Their love is sometimes just a knock away. CHILLS again!


Much love on the wings of a dove,