Since I’ve been facing some intense spiritual warfare lately, I got to thinking about the story of Job in the Bible and how Job was a faithful servant of God that met a lot of suffering.

It’s been a rough few weeks for me, then, this past Friday, the back window of my car exploded while I was driving, and Saturday, I woke up with a bad virus.

It’s easy to get discouraged when multiple things go wrong in our lives. It’s easy to want to give up, want to blame God, or project our pain on others. That’s exactly what the devil wants us to do, is give up and lose our faith in God.

As I lay there in my virus delirium, I got to thinking about Job’s sufferings and how each of his sufferings taught him a specific lesson and strengthened him in God.

Here are some things to think about for you during your trying times,

If you’re walking in faith, you’ll be tested
The book of Job tells us that Job was a blameless, upright man who feared God and turned away from evil. Then…his life unraveled. Job’s suffering did not come because he was bad but rather because of his unwavering faithfulness to God. (Job 1:8)

Never to give up
Job never gave up on life or God, regardless of how impossible things seemed he lost his family, fell ill, was in financial ruins and it just kept going.

Although things might seem hopeless,God always makes a way. We are victors and not victims.

We can’t be upset with God
Job’s wife told him to curse God and die, but Job did not because he knew better. God knows what’s best for us. Even though He might cause us to go through challenges, God still loves us and the blessings in the trial will become clear eventually.

This also teaches us that we can’t always trust what others tell us to do in our vulnerable state. What if Job listened to his wife and cursed God? He would have lost his blessings

Better is coming:
When Job’s test was over, God rewarded him with double what he lost. Even if we lose something from our lives, God has something redemptive planned. He often replaces what we have lost with something better and greater. Therefore, we must not despair when things seem to start going haywire in our lives. Instead, we must wait for God to deliver us, bringing us into a new dimension of His goodness. Better days are ahead. We must hold on to the unshakeable hand of God and trust Him to provide for our everyday needs.

To sum it up….
1. God is still good.
2. Well intended advice isn’t always the truth.
3. Friends may not always provide comfort.
4. You can have it all and loose it all, so enjoy every season to its fullest.
5. Sometimes bad things happen that are beyond our control.
6. We can make it through the good, the bad and ugly with the help of God.
7. God can restore
8. Job had incredible faith. Be like Job.
9. Our attitude during suffering either helps or hinders. You’re the victor, not the victim.
10. When you think you have it bad, someone has experienced worst.
11. Always be grateful, always thank God, and love beyond measure

I hope this message helps ease your trials and brings you closer to God.

Much love