Soul ties-
Spiritual Warfare Week 2 continued…

In week 1, I mentioned how The tricky dickies (devil) go after your heart and mind. The tricky dickies create false illusions that tempt you to sin.

These false illusions can create soul ties that get you trapped up in toxic bonds in romance, friendships, family members, coworkers, etc.. that distract and detour your destiny with God.

You got to break that soul tie; you got to break that toxic pattern.

Here’s a soul-tie prayer to get you started. I also love psalm 61. Pray out loud, ALWAYS.

Father God,
I renounce and forsake all soul ties to
former lovers, and any soul ties that were
formed through trauma, pain, shame, disappointment, and broken vows.
I ask You to go to the root cut and lose me from every soul tie and from every form of the bondage of my soul and body to satan or any of his agents in the name of Jesus.
I ask that You go to every evil soul tie,,
and at the root, dig, tear, cut, and loose
them from me. Take and de-tach me out of them, and them from me, in the name of Jesus.
I ask You, God, in the name of Jesus, to
purify me and my senses, Help me be
diligent to guard these places of my heart
and mind so that the enemy cannot use
these things as a temptation to ensnare
me in the name of Jesus Christ.
Be Free

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The warfare is real for ALL of us.
Much love