Re-sharing for anyone who didn’t see. Part 2 coming
Spiritual warfare week 3

“But I don’t know how to pray!” This one statement I hear from people a ton.

Let me give you some insight…
Prayer is easy, God is always listening, and God isn’t judging you on how you talk to him. Talk to God like God is your father.

God isn’t scary like many people are taught. God is so cool! He’s vast, beyond religious concepts; God is in all things, and God is love.

Here are some steps to more powerful prayers I learned along my spiritual warfare journey.
1. ALWAYS PRAY OUT LOUD. Let those tricky dickies know you mean business by praying out loud. If you’re embarrassed, hide in the bathroom until you get more comfortable.
2. Ask for forgiveness daily. Father God, I repent for my sins and ask for your forgiveness
3. Tell God what you’re thankful for, and show gratitude.
4. Pray and intercede for others, the animals, the trees, the birds, and the people you hate; they need it most.
5. Pray for your protection, spiritual growth, wisdom, and discernment.
7. Wake up, pee, and pray.

If you’re not praying, you’re going to war without a weapon. What do you think is going to happen? The tricky dickies (devil) will take you down, harass you, give you bad dreams, etc.…

Prayer doesn’t mean you’ll be dancing through the tulips with no problems, but it does guarantee you’ll handle those problems much better, and you’ll know God will make a way.

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The warfare is real for ALL of us.
Much love