With spring comes renewal, clearing, freshness, and a time to clean up and let go of things that no longer serve us. We are evolving in all areas of life, the world, and personally.

With more sunlight and flowers ready to bloom, spring can also be associated with new life and renewal. Letting go of the old you and blossoming into a more beautiful, strong version of yourself.

Spring is the time of the Passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.  A reminder to sustain a spiritual stance of love, kindness, and benevolence in a chaotic imbalanced society, as just Jesus would do.

On the first day of the spring, there are equal hours of dark and light. This reminds us that there is balance in all things, and we must find balance within ourselves.

The spring season brings warmth and love, a reminder that we, too, need to offer warmth and love to nature, others, and ourselves.  Become better humans and role models for the generations to come.

Think spring, think happy, think love, renewal, think about how you can be more like Jesus, and spread that love too.

Happy spring, happy love, and happy you.

Much love on the wings of a dove


Ps.  The rock doves, not pigeons, in the photo are very smart birds.  They are true angels, messengers from beyond, and protectors.   They are faithful partners for life, and display unconditional love ❤️