Did you know when I first started my spiritual counseling biz 12 years ago, I wanted to quit in the first few days? I wanted to run far and fast. , I was a mess; I didn’t think I could do it. I thought it would fail and people wouldn’t like me. But I never gave up. God never gave up on me. God guided me all the way.

While I was putting my book together, I got those same thoughts. When I published my book, those thoughts came rushing back even more. I thought nobody would want to read this; they don’t care.
I didn’t want to fail and be rejected. The devil wanted me to give up my destiny again.

The spiritual and physical attacks I faced in the last few months were very intense. I was mentally, emotionally, and physically drained with only God to lean on. The closer I got to finishing the book, the worse it got.

Here’s the thing… this time, the devil’s voice didn’t get to me. I thought, if I fail, so what? If I’m rejected, so what. God told me not to give up, that no matter what, my fans were in heaven.

I put my heart and soul into the book to get to the people that need it most, for those truly ready to embark on their healing, spiritual, waking up journey.

So, if you’re hearing the devil telling you to give up on something you’re passionate about or something that you want to pursue, tell that tricky dicky to get behind you!!

The voice of God is so much louder. Always remember God gives you power, love, and a sound mind. Don’t abort your destiny. God loves you and has so much in store for you.

Don’t forget to wake up, pee, pray, and if it suits you, give my book a look. There are likely lots of messages in there that will serve you.

Here’s the link to my book


Much love