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    Interpreting your dreams workshop

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    Are you a dreamer? We often get profound messages through our dreams. Many insightful messages are given to you nightly by your subconscious; messages that can unlock the secret to many of life’s challenges. One’s development and self-realization are greatly enhanced by the simple process of studying the messages from the inner you that are contained in your dreams. God often gives us spiritual wisdom in our dreams too! What you'll get with purchase: -PDF file on interpreting dreams, tips, and guidance on breaking down and understanding your dreams - Two hour audio file on interpreting dreams, dream symbology, and understanding your dreams to help you in your waking life
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    House clearing and Blessing workshop

    Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $40.00.
    Removing negative energy and spiritually cleansing a home is way more in depth than just walking around with some sage. Actually, often being spiritually vulnerable and unaware of what you are dealing with, can make your problem much worse.
    In today’s spiritual energy we are dealing with a different type of evil that exists. Therefore the way’s to make that evil go away has changed significantly.
    Join me for a 2 hour workshop on how to properly remove negative energy from your home,bless your home, gain control of your life again, learn what items not to have in your home, learn the proper tools, techniques, and some valuable information that I’m positive you’ve never heard before, and much much more
    You’ll be the first to have this information, and it will change your life.
    Included in purchase:
    -2 hour audio file
    -PDF file with loads of tips and house clearing information


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