Today’s exercise is to meditate on this and see if you can gently unearth some ways  you might be unconsciously holding yourself back from a fuller, happier life. 


Today, your exercise is to make sure you’re giving your brain the right physiological  support it needs to be happy. Make sure you sleep well, minimize stress, eat a bal-  anced diet high in nutrients and see how you can increase the feel good hormones  on a daily base.  How can you be sure you’re feeding your brain?


Write down the things that bring you joy? What inspires you?


What saps your energy


Today’s exercise is to make it through the day without complaining! Make a game  of it and ask a friend to help you and do the same. If you catch yourself about to do  it, challenge yourself by asking:    Is it really that bad or am I exaggerating?    What can I do to make this situation better?    Is there something good in this moment that I am failing to notice? 


Things you are grateful for?


Today’s exercise is to think of 3 things you can do right now that will support and  nourish this marvelous thing called your body. This could be anything #selfcare


1. What habits, thought patterns or old cycles do you notice in yourself that are  not serving you or getting in the way of something better?    2. Do you love yourself? Not in the sense that you buy yourself a chocolate  once in a while and go for a monthly pedicure, but in the sense that you be-  lieve, fundamentally, that you are a good and lovable person?    3. What new habits and lifestyle choices would you like to start incorporating  into your daily life?    4. What are you doing every day to support your happiness? What are you  doing everyday to undermine your own sense of peace?    5. If your inner dialogue was broadcast onto a radio station, what kind of sta-  tion would that be? 

DAY 10

Today’s exercise: if someone has been bothering you lately, or there is some unre-  solved issue with someone else, take a moment to ask how much of it is really your  business, and whether you’re maybe taking on more than you’re really responsible  for. 

DAY 11

Take a quick look at the immediate space you’re in. Right now. How does it make  you feel? Bored? Irritated? Calm and safe? With a low level of panic? Indifferent?  Maybe you have a pile of clutter that you walk past every day that brings your spirit  down a little just to look at it. Maybe the color of your walls is depressing you.  Maybe you need more plants or natural sunlight in to make your little “nest” feel  more homely and welcoming. 

DAY 12

Bring up any old resentments that you have and see if something is holding you back from letting them go?

DAY 13

A good way to nurture happiness in your life is to get in touch with your inner  child. Laugh, explore, have fun, make things into a game, let go of overly serious  things and be a little mischievous. When you were young, the world seemed like  the most enormous, most endlessly fascinating playground. After decades of obli-  gation and disappointments and social conditioning, that spirit got a little  squashed. But it’s still there!    Today, do whatever the hell you want. The world is still as interesting and fun as it  was when you were a child. There are no “have tos” today, only play. 

DAY 14

Take a moment to be aware.  Are you holding stress in your body, are you inward or outward? Are you stressed?

DAY 15

Ask for help.  Too often we want to help others, but are afraid to ask for help ourselves.  How can you let someone help you today?

DAY 16

Today, ask yourself again how you are faring in your goal to become happier and  more content. If you find snags and places where you’re still resistant or still have  work to do, then have a closer look. Decide on a course of action to loosen up  stuck points and get going again.

DAY 17

What makes you uniquely you? Are you afraid to express you?

DAY 18

Today, devote some thought to how to deal with life events like setbacks, mistakes  and challenges. The thing about having a worldview is that you’re tricked into  thinking that it’s reality.  But it’s not, it’s just one of many possible pictures of reality. A worldview is helpful  if it stimulates you to be better, and helps you navigate the world and constantly  seek out good things. A worldview is less useful if it stunts your actions, makes  you unhappy or convinces you of “truths” that just aren’t true. 

DAY 19

Can you tell the difference between a good thought and a bad thought? Start being more aware of your thoughts and how they control you.

DAY 20

Challenge your beliefs Take any belief you have and ask:  1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3)  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no)  3. How do you react, how do you feel, what happens when you believe that  thought?  4. Who would you be without the thought? 

DAY 21

Be mindful of then your mind wonders.  Are you looking at something on the computer, but notice your mind is somewhere else?

DAY 22

Happiness is letting go….. Make a list of things that you are letting go of to become more happy!