Phone or zoom guidance sessions

30 minutes and up • $95-$160.00


Over the phone spiritual guidance or counseling. These spiritual guidance sessions work exactly the same as in person. I can still see and feel all the same things, and guide you in the right direction to help you become a better version of you.Phone

Spiritual Guidance

30 min-$95.00, 45 min- $135.00, 1 hour- $160.00

Spiritual guidance is typically answers and ways to deal with problems one is having in life. I offer you insight and knowledge to help you progress in all areas of your life, relationships, health, work, finances, and healing from losing a loved one.


1 hour session • $160.00


Clearing and rebalancing of the energy systems back to a more balanced state.

Guided meditation healing session

$135.00, 45 minute session

1-1- 45 minute guided meditation session either in person or video. Great option for people that are feeling stuck in their journey. This type of meditation is very healing and really works on the subconscious mind.


Initial session 1 hour, then 45 minute sessions Inital session (1 hour)-$160.00 45 min bi-weekly follow up counseling sessions 1 hour $95.00


Counseling that will aid you in healing from whatever life challenges you are facing. In spiritual counseling one can move forward from feeling stuck, trauma, pain, anger, depression, spiritual or mental health problems, addiction, even physical ailments.
I utilize many different healing methods such as meditation, NLP, EFT,mindfulness,healing work, breath work, prayer if the client is open to it, and helping the client become more mind/body aware. Ultimately, the client is healing themselves, I’m just the tour guide.

Initial session 1 hour, then 45 minute sessions

Inital session (1 hour)-$160.00

45 min bi-weekly follow up counseling sessions 1 hour $95.00


Duration varies


Did you know self reflection in the corporate world is vital to the success of a company? If an employee is not self aware, he or she is not doing business to the best of their ability. Self awareness makes a difference in conversation, sales, morale, company goals, and much more. It actually can determine the success or failure of a company. I’ll come to you and teach your employees the in’s and out’s of self reflection. In as little as one session, you’ll notice a difference in your employees! Let me help your employees and your company become more successful.

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Become a Spiritual Coach Program

1 year program

Spiritual Coach Program

This is a program for people who are looking to begin their journey in guiding others. I’ll give you the tools, techniques, and guidance to become the best version if yourself so you can help guide others.

6 months-1 year program