Phone or zoom guidance sessions

15 minutes and up • $60-$170


Over the phone spiritual guidance or counseling. These spiritual guidance sessions work exactly the same as in person. I can still see and feel all the same things, and guide you in the right direction to help you become a better version of you.Phone

Spiritual Guidance

30 min-$105.00, 45 min- $145.00, 1 hour-$170.00

Spiritual guidance is typically answers and ways to deal with problems one is having in life. I offer you insight and knowledge to help you progress in all areas of your life, relationships, health, work, finances, and healing from losing a loved one.



Counseling that will aid you in healing from whatever life challenges you are facing. In spiritual counseling one can move forward from feeling stuck, trauma, pain, anger, depression, spiritual or mental health problems, addiction, even physical ailments.
I utilize many different healing methods such as meditation, NLP, EFT,mindfulness,healing work, breath work, prayer if the client is open to it, and helping the client become more mind/body aware. Ultimately, the client is healing themselves, I’m just the tour guide.

Initial session 1 hour, then 45-hour minute sessions

Inital session (1 hour)-$170.00

bi-weekly follow up counseling sessions 1 hour $100